Emerson students living in the castle

(Yes, Emerson owns a castle in the Netherlands.)

“Life’s A Happy Song” – Kasteel Well Spring 2013 from Brandon Cardwell on Vimeo.

What do a group of students from Emerson decide to do amid finals? A musical act, of course. This is one reason why I LOVE Emerson. Emerson students are innately creative, upbeat, and full of life. I see several of my former students in this video: Renée Deschene, Courtney Tharp, Xandra Fileccia, Jackie Pauley, Mary Quigley and Beth Treffeisen. Great job, guys. One day I hope to teach at the castle!

This is where I teach

Emerson College has been ranked as one of the top creative colleges in the U.S. and this video, below, gives you a glimpse of the spirit and energy our students have, as well as the world-class technology and theaters we own.

And if you’re wondering about the students prancing on brooms, that’s a nod to quidditch, a sport our students play.