Working on my book

I’m working on a book proposal and have just finished the intro and the first two chapters — which I am in the midst of revising. Mums the word on the topic, although a few friends of mine know. The process is stimulating. At times I am so immersed I forget where I am.

From my bedroom window, all I hear are birds chirping and an occasional car roll by. Those soothing sounds help me stay focused. I feel productive, excited and energized. Of course I wouldn’t be a real writer if I didn’t have some neurotic tendencies as was the case a few minutes ago when I reread some of the pages and started to get self-critical.

I hammered myself with questions: Is this good? Does it make sense? Is it pithy enough? Am I striking the right tone? Will it be REJECTED?

That’s where feedback comes in. This weekend I’ll be emailing my proposal to a few friends to get their opinions. By then I’ll have a good idea if I’m on track — I hope! Because even though writing is a solitary venture the purpose of getting published is to share with others and you want to make sure your readers eat it up, feel satisfied and say, “that was delicious.”

Writer’s anxiety: Is this any good?

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