Am I really, suddenly, a vegan?

I was in a cafe in Rincón, Puerto Rico, a few days before the start of the New Year (Gregorian Calendar) reading books I plucked off the coffee house’s “book share” library. One of them was on veganism. I curiously read bits of each chapter, and along the way, asked myself: Why don’t I eat better?

Two days later, after eating in a vegan restaurant I found a few miles inland, away from the surfer dudes, I realized I could probably become a vegan.

Of course once I articulated that I wanted to be a vegan, it was clear that I had made a public bet: my willpower versus my impulses. As someone who in the past has fallen because of a lack of confidence, I told myself that this matters but that being a vegan was MY decision, one that I could change at any time.

So far, almost a month into my new diet, I’m loving it. This makes sense for a bunch of reasons:


I have had a love-hate affair with burgers my whole life. There was nothing quite like a good burger and though I didn’t have it often, I just loved the taste, especially when it was covered with ketchup and accompanied by fries (also smothered in ketchup). But I always felt bloated and nasty AFTER the fact. (Well, not so much during my years on the college swim team. back then I could eat whatever I wanted.) From about age 30 on eating a burger meant I’d pay the price and if I had too many in a month I’d be two pounds heavier.


I have a general disdain for pork. As a Puerto Rican, I’m supposed to love lechón (slow-roasted pork), but never really cared for it. Plus, it’s full of toxins and fat. (Don’t listen to the Pork Industry that tries to tell you it’s “the other white meat.” It isn’t.)


After seeing Chris Brown with a milk moustache, I was even more turned off.

(If my sister reads this she’ll roll her eyes and say “I can’t believe you wrote that for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE!”) But a majority of Americans are, too, apparently: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/2009-08-30-lactose-intolerance_N.htm Good riddance, dairy!

Turns out those were darned good reasons.

And on the upside I feel more energetic than before and I feel STRONGER.

So far, I don’t miss meat, fish, chicken, shellfish, or any kind of dairy.

I thought I would miss yogurt, though, which I can eat without any digestive issues, but I found soy yogurt to be even more tasty. So I’m still getting my good bacteria from delicious yogurt. (I love Trader Joe’s Soy Yogurt.)


Another upside: I’ve already lost some weight in my midsection!

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