What Michael said…

Ten simple things you can do to help save the Earth

1. BYOB. (Bring your own bag to supermarkets.) Reject plastic bags; on your way out tell the store manager that plastic bags that are not biodegradable are harmful to the environment. I’m shocked at how often I encounter someone who doesn’t know this. It’s our duty to help inform people.

2. Turn off the lights, TV, radio, or anything that’s not in use.

3. Recycle everything you can: Glass, paper, tin foil.

4. Take a three-minute shower.

5. Utilize public transportation. If you can ride your bicycle or walk to your destination, all the better the environment — and you!

6. Wash your dishes by hand. Those machines use way too much water.

7. Use a fan instead of AC. In the winter, put on a sweater rather than crank up the heat.

8. Use Earth-friendly products to clean. (Or make your own: vinegar and water with a spritz of lemon juice will clean your windows and countertops just fine. Add a little baking soda when cleaning porcelain. Plus, it’s cheaper!)

9. Save trees by using cloth napkins, and printing documents only when necessary.

10. Opt-out of junk mail. You hate it anyway, so rather than trash that unwanted paper, get off the mailing lists. It will take a few hours to complete all the necessary forms. This blog has a comprehensive list of ways to get off various direct-mail lists: http://consumerist.com/2008/03/8-ways-to-opt-out-of-junk-mail-lists.html

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