Wael Ghonim on what he calls The Revolution 2.0

A videotape of Wael Ghonim’s Ted Talk.

Ghonim is a Google executive who understood the power of social networking. He created the Facebook memorial page We Are All Khaled Said, named after a young Egyptian man who was beaten to death by Egyptian security forces. According to witnesses, two detectives and a police officer stormed a cybercafé, asking people for the IDs. When Said protested, the cops beat him to death. A gory photo of his beaten-to-a-pulp face appeared on that FB page. Word spread via YouTube, Twitter, FB, and other social networking sites and it galvanized young people to fight back.

The “2.0” modifier refers to the interactivity of our current iteration of the web, which incorporates social media. The first version of the web, which was static is referred to as 1.0. (Great minds are currently working on 3.0, though Mark Zuckerberg might beat them to it.)

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