American Indian Journalism Institute 2012

AIJI participants, Will Ferrell, and me. (Photo by Janine Harris)

Below are highlights of the work done by students who participated in the American Indian Journalism Institute in June. We worked long hours for 10 straight days, but it was fun. It was amazing to watch how quickly these energetic budding journalists took to creating video packages.

AIJI has been helping young people realize their dream of becoming journalists since 2001. The program offers a mix of theoretical and practical workshops, as well as real-world experience in newsrooms. It is underwritten by the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute.


Photo by Dacia Idom

One of the many video projects created by AIJI students. As of this posting, not all were uploaded to the AIJI site, but will be soon. Click here to see them.

 Mark Walker and Natalia Rawls
 Student Demetria Mosley setting up a shot during the Tour de Kota bike ride. Photo by moi.
 Val Hoeppner, director of education for the Freedom Forum’s Diversity Institute, during Tour de Kota.
 Photo by moi.
 Anne Medley introducing herself at the start of #AIJI12. At the lectern is Jack Marsh,
 president and chief operating officer of the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute.
 Veteran journalist John Seigenthaler, who founded the First Amendment Center, talks about the First
 Amendment. Photo by AIJI student Cindy Lee.

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