Cindy Rodriguez

Back on Facebook

For those of you who have wondered if I have unfriended you on Facebook, the answer is no.

I deleted my account in February for a few reasons:

  • After tallying the amount of time I spent on FB, I realized I’d be more productive if I got off.
  • Nefarious marketing companies, including Facebook, had access to tons of personal information on me.
  • I found myself getting upset about inane comments people would make on the site.
  • Socializing online gave me less time for real-life socializing.
  • I didn’t want the highs and lows that come with “FaceCrack.” (Read: this and this.)

Yes, I miss you!

Even with all the above-mentioned issues I have with the social networking site, Facebook is an easy way to stay connected with friends who live far away and hundreds of former colleagues, students, classmates and coworkers who live all over the country and abroad.

So I’m back — sort of.

This is my new FB page:

And this is my personal one:

Screen shot 2014-04-19 at 2.46.02 PM
Screengrab of the new FB page.


I’m going to use it only for professional purposes.

What does that mean? No more rants about the prison industrial complex and Wall Street crooks who continue to destroy the economy. No snarky posts about pseudo-journalists more concerned with their looks than with delivering news that serves the public interest.

Also, I won’t be posting much in the way of personal information. That’s something I’d rather do with friends in person.


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