Do you believe Meg Whitman?


Screenshot of TMZ's exclusive. To see the documents, click here: http://bit.ly/aIaOBT


Understandably, many people believe that Meg Whitman, the failed CEO of eBay who is running for governor of California, is bending the truth when she claims that she had no idea that her maid of nine years, Nicandra Díaz de Santillán, was an undocumented immigrant.

After hearing Díaz’s story, and reading all the available documents in this kangaroo court called The American Public (I can’t stand that this is a TMZ exclusive because they are cheapening the discussion to a low-brow sport), the evidence seems stacked against Whitman.

Whitman allegedly threw out letters from the Social Security Administration, notifying her that Díaz’s Social Security Number doesn’t match her name and does not exist as such in their database. Note to Whitman: Your maid is the person who throws out your trash. Maybe she assumed Díaz couldn’t read English?

Díaz’s celebrity attorney, Gloria Allred, lays out a list of allegations that make Whitman look like a monster boss. Among the allegations:  Whitman made Díaz spend extra hours doing other housework for the same amount of pay and told her she may lose her job if she takes maternity leave. Could this be true? Whitman has been embroiled in a previous allegation that she got pushy — literally — with one of her subordinates.

While I think Whitman could take a hit from the news bombshell, I am more concerned about the reverberating effects it will have on undocumented immigrants. Hate crimes are already on the rise and I worry that the way the fear-mongerers are going to play it, on Hate Radio and Hate TV, might incite one of their minions to feel justified in beating a person because he suspects the person is an undocumented immigrant.