Online news source MUST consider our social network needs

My friend, David Mejías, pretty much says it all — in 132 characters.

One of the media companies that needs to do this ASAP is the The New York Times.  No, NYT, I don’t want to just “recommend” a story, that appears as a line in my FB status timeline. I’d like to post the story — myself. That means doing a cut and paste of the story URL into my FB wall.

But if I do that, look at the ugly placeholder art that runs alongside the post:

When instead it should grab the photo that appeared with the story online:

The smartest FB users are tech-savvy and don’t want to post items that look unsophisticated or unattractive.


Egyptians can still tweet via voice call

Google has set up “Speak To Tweet,” a service for Egyptians without internet access.

Callers only need to call the numbers listed below and the audio will be uploaded to a website called Say Now.

+16504194796  and +390662207294 are the two numbers to dial.

This was done in response to dictator Hosni Mubarak’s decision to cut off the internet. Most of the nation’s ISPs have been shut off for the past several days.

How internet traffic to and from Egypt crashed on January 27: (Source: Arbor Networks.)